How do I become an authorized fighter in Caid?
For Armored Combat authorization: The candidate must be familiar with the Armored Combat Handbook
Please see Section I.C and Section XIV. for the specific procedure.

For Fencing: You must be familiar with the Fencing Handbook.
Appendix 5: Authorization. Page 45 has more details on the authorization process.

Where do I find the Caid Fighter Database?
The database is located at http://www.dev.caid-commons.org/list. Once there you can search for the fighter by name.

How do I become a Marshal?
For Armored Combat: See section IX. PROCEDURES FOR THE AUTHORIZATION OF MARSHALS AND THEIR DUTIES of the Armored Combat Handbook.

For Fencing:
To become a Marshal (does not authorize, does not need to be an authorized fighter), you need to complete MIT process. This includes a class, 3 short quizzes, MIT field training, and readiness sign off from a Sr Marshal/KRM.

To become a Sr. Marshal (runs authorizations, must be an authorized fighter), you will need to be a Marshal in good standing, be current in your own authorization, complete additional training for running authorizations, a short quiz, and readiness sign off from a Sr Marshal/KRM.

What is this Marshal’s exam I heard about?
Once you complete your MIT hours in a given topic, you’ll need to take a quiz on it. There is a set of 3 quizzes, Line Marshalling, Armor and Weapons, and General Knowledge. These are an open book, open note, we put the policy handbooks each quiz pulls questions from at the top of the quiz. The quizzes are all virtual- no paper test required! We are using Google classroom/forms for these. You do not need to take all three quizzes in one go. If you have completed

90% or higher is a pass on that quiz. IF you did not get 90%, you will only be asked to retake the quiz or quizzes that are below the bar.
● First attempt- if you miss the bar on your first attempt, you will be asked to re-read the rules and retake the test in a week (or longer, it depends on you, but a week is the soonest).
● Second attempt- if you miss the bar on your second attempt, you will be asked to re-read the rules and put in a few more MIT hours in the areas where you struggled.
● Third attempt- if you miss the bar on your third attempt, we’ll sit down, have a conversation about the rules, make a plan for how to get you more experience in the areas where you are struggling.

If you have a need for a paper quiz, a form will be sent to you via email.

How do I print my fighter card?
Currently we do not have the ability to print your card. If you do not have your current card please look yourself up in the fighter database and make a photo or print that page. An authorized Senior Marshal, Or List Officer can create you a new card based on your authorizations.

How do I request to be authorized on a specific weapon or combat type?
The process is the same as described in FAQ, “How do I become an authorized fighter in Caid.

For Fencing
Caid has 3 different authorizations for Fencing. You will need to find a Sr. Marshal who is authorized in the form of combat you wish to authorize in. A Sr. Marshal that is not authorized in C&T cannot run a C&T authorization. Likewise, if a Sr. Marshal is ONLY authorized in C&T, they cannot run a standard rapier authorization.

For Rapier, there is only one authorization that covers: single sword, case of swords, sword and dagger, sword and rigid parry (baton, buckler, etc), and sword and soft parry (cloak, other soft parry objects).

For Cut and Thrust combat, there is an authorization for rapier and one for broadsword (all weapons with a width of 1-1/8” or more at the shoulder of the blade, ½” flex). You no longer need to have a rapier authorization for authorization in either form of C&T. However if you ONLY have a C&T Rapier authorization, you will not be allowed to fight in a standard rapier list or in melees that are not C&T.
Caid-Rapier-Handbook-August-2020 Page 25 has more details.

How do I send in an injury report?

How do I send in an Event report?
Please work with lists and submit a Lysts Event Report. http://www.dev.caid-commons.org/MarshalEvent.