Fight with honor, fight often, and follow the rules!

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There are three near-equal priorities in marshaling; safety, fair witness, and showmanship. Overemphasizing any one of these at the expense of the others will tend to make the fighting less enjoyable for everyone (although, if you must go overboard on one, pick safety).

There is a set of rules and guidelines that has evolved over the last forty years. While the traditions and laws of each kingdom vary, these rules represent the minimum requirements for equipment and conduct required for participation in SCA armored combat.

As a marshal it is your duty to know and understand these rules and to teach and share them with the participants we train and authorize. Be aware of changes and updates to these rules and policies and clarifications made to your kingdom and Society standards. Frequently visit your kingdom and Society websites to stay up-to-date and stay active.

As we gather at our events to recreate the ideals of honor and chivalry of the Middle Ages, remember that these rules and standards are but the foundation of the fighting community, set to ensure that we may continue to enjoy SCA combat. No book of rules can replace common sense, which must also be exercised to keep all combatants and spectators safe. In all combat activities, safety must always be paramount.

We all participate in the SCA because we enjoy it. So, as you go about your tasks, duties, and activities, remember to have fun and to help others do the same. The rules must be followed, work must be done, and safety considered first above all, but always remember why we’re all here: Have fun, and be safe!