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Welcome to the Caidan Marshallate.



Kingdom Earl Marshal
Sir Eronric of Devon
Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal
Rowen Killian
Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal
'Abd al-Hakim ibn 'Abd al-Rahman Shaddad al-Tomuki
Regional Earl Marshal - Western Seas
Baroness Uta Blackthorne, OP
Minister of Lists
Baron Bryce ap Morgan
Marshal Clerk
Albert Torryngton
All updates to the marshal database (for all forms),
authorizations,and waivers should be sent here.
Deputy Marshal Clerk
THL Ketill Olafsson

Armored Combat

Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Combat Archery and Siege Warfare
Lady Ceolwynn Of Galtres

*** New Armor Combat Rule and Conventions *** 2/7/2016
Effective immediately,
*** New Armor Combat Handbook -V9 - 2016
Summary of Changes
Section III.B.8.a. A fighter who retreats to the edge of the field to obtain an unfair advantage shall, after being duly warned by the marshals on the field, be placed in the center of the list and considered legged. The onus of this is on the marshals, not on the opponent. In Caid, "repeatedly" is defined as three times

Section VI.I.4. Shield Sizes Standards.
a. Tourney Shield is defined as a shield that shall be no larger than six(6) square feet of measured surface space (roughly 24" X 36"). Anything larger then this is considered a "War" shield.
b. Buckler is defined a is a small round center-gripped shield 6" to 18" in diameter

Effective March 31, 2016 Section VII.D.5 - Mandrake style rubber 2" tips (black and red) is prohibited.(This is on fiberglass spears only)

Note: Wrist protection is now Society Standards


Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Equestrian
Duke Patrick O'Malley

*** NEW Equestrian Handbook *** 2014/07/06
Effective immediately, the new Equestrian Handbook is now available and will be the standard starting from July 1, 2014.


Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Rapier
Don Lot Ramirez
Email | Web Site

Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Rapier
Oliver Dogberry
Changes to Rapier Rules Please use this link to see all changes to the current Rapier rules as we get ready to post a new manual.
NEW ** Rapier Handbook [PDF], Revised 2016

Target Archery

Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Archers
Baroness Katherine of Angelesy
Email | Web Site

Thrown Weapons

Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Thrown Weapons
THL Nickolaus Phaistos

*** New Thrown Weapons Manual V3 *** 11/8/2015

Unarmored Combat

Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Unarmored Combat
Duke Guillaume de Belgique

Youth Combat

Minister of Youth Combat
Sir Thorin vorðr Ó Séaghdha


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Online Reporting

    Marshal Quarterly Report Due Dates: March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, December 1st

    Marshal Yearly Report Due Date: July 1st

    List Event Report Due Date: No Later then 2 weeks after event.

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