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Official announcements from the Society Earl Marshal and/or the Kingdom Earl Marshal, not yet included in the formal handbook.



Authorization Form [PDF], Revised 2010/04/05
The authorization form for use in all combat disciplines.

*** UPDATED *** 5/1/2014

Minors engaging in combat with adults shall be marked in the following manner: A single yellow diamond no larger than 1 inch (25.4 mm) but no smaller than 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) to be placed on the front hemisphere of the helm (preferably on or near the inspection sticker). Minors competing with adults in Rapier will have the same diamond on the cuff of the glove of their dominant weapon hand.

In addition, all authorized minors must have "MINOR" written on the front of their authorization card large enough that a list person can easily see it.  Please update cards for any minors that attend your local practice.

Armored Combat

*** NEW ARMOR COMBAT HANDBOOK version 8 *** 6/7/2014

Effective immediately, the new Armor Combat Handbook is now available and will be the standard starting from June 7, 2014.


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Board of Directors Meeting on 4/12/14: "Effective immediately, the use of spears, pikes, and pole arms is prohibited in rapier tournament or rapier melee combat, and the Society Earl Marshal and Society Deputy Marshal for Rapier shall review the use of two handed swords in rapier combat."

Target Archery

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Thrown Weapons

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Unarmored Combat

**** UPDATED *** Unarmored Combat Handbook 2.0 [PDF], Revised 04/2014

Youth Combat

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