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4/05/2010: New Forms & Datebase update.

4/30/2009: New Equestrian Deputy Virginia Read. New Rulings & Publications Announced.

4/22/2009: New Publication Authorization Form (For all Combat Forms), Baron Patrick O'Malley added as new Armored Deputy.

11/9/2008: Revised Publication Equestrian Authorization Form. Master Kelan added as new Rapier Deputy. THL Kolbrandr added as new Unarmored deputy.

10/2/2008: Revised Publication Armored Combat Authorization Form - The address on the last form was incorrect, please redownload.

9/13/2008: Master Laertes McBride added as New Earl Marshal. Sir Gareth Somerset added as new Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal. Lady Christina O'Cleary added as new Minister of Archers.

9/12/2008: Revised Publication Current Caid Database [XLS], Authorization Codes [PDF], DB Format [XLS], DB Update [PDF]

8/31/2008: New Publication Armored Combat Handbook 7.0 and Armored Combat Authorization Form. New Office Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal.

6/6/2008: New Publication Thrown Weapons Handbook 1.0

5/21/2008: Revised eLists.

4/22/2008: Revised Publication DB. Lord Edgar Chiswick added as Deputy Earl Marshal for Combat Archery and Siege Warfare.

4/12/2008: Revised Publication Equestrian Handbook.

3/19/2008: Revised Publication DB.

3/12/2008: Revised Publication 2007 Results, Queen's Champions. Baroness Isidora Ell'eva added as Database Minister.

2008/1/15 - Welcome our new Lists Officer, THL Cassandre. Many thanks to THL Jana for her hard work these past years.

2007/11/05 - New Publication Lists DB Update [PDF]. Revised Publication Database page revamped for the upcoming 4/22/2008 wipe of historical data.

2007/10/15 - Welcome our new Youth Combat Minister, THL Teka. Many thanks to THL Timothy for his hard work these past years.

2007/07/24 - New Publication Equipment, Moved Armored Combat Regional Marshals

2007/07/12 - New Publication Results Queen's Champions, Lists Authorization Codes [PDF]

2007/07/09 - New Publication Results Caid Archery Open, New Publication Results Caid Rapier Open

2007/07/05 - Revised Publication Lists Authorization Codes [PDF]

2007/07/03 - New Publication Results, New Publication Results 2007

2007/07/02 - Revised Publication Lists Authorization Codes [PDF]

2007/06/23 - Duke Edric Aaron Hartwood added as Deputy Earl Marshal.

2007/06/10 - Revised Publication Waivers [ZIP], New Publication Reports, Cosmetic change to web site

2007/06/09 - New Publication Lists Forms [ZIP], New Publication Database, Revised Publication Target Archery Handbook [PDF].

2007/06/07 - Revised Publication Lists Handbook DRAFT 6.0 [PDF], Revised Publication Lists Authorization Codes [PDF], Revised Publication Armored Combat Authorization Form [PDF] (Please send to the Earl Marshal now)

2007/06/06 - Revised Publication Rapier Handbook [PDF]

2007/06/04 - New publication Armored Combat Handbook 6.0 Updates [PDF]

2007/05/30 - New publication Youth Combat Authorization Form [PDF], Revised Publication Rapier RMIT Warrant [PDF], Revised Publication Rapier Authorization and Test (however you must obtain it through your local provost), Revised publication Equestrian Authorization Form [PDF]

2007/05/19 - Sir Dante Lizza da Benevento added as Deputy Earl Marshal.

2007/05/17 - Revised publication Equestrian Authorization Form [PDF], updated list of Armored Combat Regionals, updated web site extensions (pages all end in .php now), updated naming scheme of all existing publications.

2007/05/16 - New publication Authorization Codes for all Forms [PDF], New publication Equestrian Jousting Rules [PDF].

2007/05/12 - Countess Kolfinna kottr steps up as the new Kingdom Earl Marshal of Caid

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