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Caid Marshal - Equipment

Recommended Equipment for Marshals.

All - For all Marshals
Auth - For marshals who Authorize
Territory - For territorial groups (such as Baronies, Shires, Etc.)
TerritoryWar - For territorial groups that host Wars
War - For individual marshals at War


Marshalling Staves (approximately 6-7' in length. Ideally it should be marked with yellow and black tape in an alternating “barber-pole” fashion. It should NOT possess any ribbons or other items that could fly into a fighter's helm.)
Useful for: All

Hat for standing in the sun
Useful for: All

Clothing with the Marshals badge on them
Useful for: War

Rules and Paperwork
Useful for: Auth, Territory

Armored Combat

Useful for: All

Safety Goggles
Useful for: War, TerritoryWar

Bow Scale
Useful for: TerritoryWar




3 oz. weight and small ruler for blade flexibility test
Useful for: All

Mask punch tester
Useful for: Territory

Drop tester for armor
Useful for: Territory

Goggles / protective wear for RBGs
Useful for: War, TerritoryWar

Target Archery


Thrown Weapons


Unarmored Combat


Youth Combat


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