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Caid Marshal - eLists

These are the various eLists related to the Marshallate and the fighting forms.

Officer Lists

Caid-Marshal - For marshals for all forms and those who want to become marshals.

Caid-Lists - For lists officers and those who want to become lists officers.

Caid Earl Marshal Deputies - For all current EM Deputies.

Caid Territorials - For Territorial marshals.

Combat Lists

Caid-Armored - For Armored Combat (aka Heavy Weapons)

Caid-Combat Missiles - For Combat Archery, Siege and other Missilies used in Armored Combat.

Caid-Equestrian - For Equestrian

Caid-Rapier - For Rapier

Caid-Target Archery - For Target Archery

Caid-Thrown Weapons - For Thrown Weapons (live steel - not armored combat)

Caid-Unarmored Combat - For Unarmored Combat

Caid-Youth Combat - For Youth Combat

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